Axl Le

Axl Le (Chinese name: Yi Le 乐毅) is a digital artist and filmmaker born in 1989 in Shanghai, China, currently living in Oslo, Norway. He graduated from Shanghai University Fine Arts College in 2013. He has been creating digital art since 2016. Since 2019 he has devoted most of his energy to the creation of CG video work. More recently he has been experimenting with VR and AI as tools of creation.

Since 2016, he have been creating films using 3D and digital technology, and his artistic endeavors also include AIGC, VR, and other art techniques. His works primarily explore the relationship between the virtual and reality, societal contradictions, and the intersection of technology and life. In his new creations in 2024, He delves into the interaction and impact between human behavior, video games, and artificial intelligence.

Axl’s work has been featured on platforms such as NOWNESS Asia, Stash Media and Arte Tracks. He has exhibited his work in Museo d’Arte Orientale、Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai、Tank Shanghai、China Academy of Art、Liu Haisu Art Museum and Himalayan Center Shanghai、 to mention some.

The Journey

2020, 3’49

The Journey is a reflection on the relationship between humanity and nature. The work is inspired by the artist’s travels to Norway. The film unfolds on a distant planet where a series of experiments are being conducted to restore the nature of the planet.

The short film consists of three parts: Awakening, sleep, and rebirth. Each part follows the story of the forest through different perspectives:

In “Awakening,” we witness an astronaut’s journey as he records and observes the planet. Through the astronaut’s eyes, we see the beauty of nature.

In “Sleep,” we witness the transformation of the astronaut, who becomes an integral part of the planet’s recovery.

Finally, in “Rebirth,” we witness the dramatic revival of the god of life, a representation of nature’s resilience and power. 

The aim of the work is to create a visual experience that speaks to the heart and soul of the natural world. The work is a reminder of the urgent need to protect and cherish our planet.

Director and Visual Artist: Axl Le

Music & Sound Design: Echoic Audio

Features a sample from ‘You are a Miracle’ by Alan Watts

The Patient

2021, 1’39

The Patient short film reflects on the role of a modern work environment and how it impacts our life. It was made as an opposition to a statement made by Alibaba CEO Jack Ma in 2019, who advocated that 996 is a blessing. 996 is an increasingly common practice in the Chinese tech industry, where employees are required to work from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, 6 days a week.

Director Statement

In this morbid society, everyone is a patient. Maybe you haven’t realized it yet, because you have a healthy body, however you are already very sick. I hope that this work will allow people to sit down and start thinking, does our life really exist only for work? I really hope we can live more like a person than a machine.

Director: Axl Le

Music & SFX: Box of Toys Audio

A Hundred Varieties of Life

2021-22, 2’40

This work is a series of fragments of the combination of man and nature conceived in my mind. The main themes of the work are spring, summer, autumn and winter, combining the seasons with various lifestyles and nature space to create different fascinating lifestyles. 

There is no clear border between human and nature, you can’t clearly tell if it is nature that has taken a human form, or humans that have taken the form of nature. Technology also has some hidden lines and symbolic expressions, buried in every scene of life.

Director & Visual Artist: Axl Le

Music & Sound Design: Echoic Audio