Complaint Choir of Hong Kong & Thickest CHOI 香港投訴合唱團與蔡志厚

— Complaint Song of Hong Kong – Youtube Karaoke (2009/ 4:58 / colour /sound)

Complaint Choir of Hong Kong 香港投訴合唱團

Complaints Choir is an idea originated by two Finnish artists Tellero Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen. It aims to gather a group of people to sing their dissatisfactions of the cities/countries they are living.

Complaints Choir of Hong Kong is a project to encourage singing, or any kind of artistic expression of the people, by the people, and for the people. And it is also an experiment to rebuild a binding force in a diversified but divided society.

Thickest CHOI 蔡志厚

Born in 1983, Hong Kong. He was named ‘Thickest’ by a secondary school classmate on the millenium, which was derived from his Chinese Name ‘Hau’ (Means Thickness). He used to live in a marginal Hong Kong new town. Video and photography is his usual medium of creation. His works has been shown in Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul and Britain. He is the creator of the Lawnmap Hong Kong Project, and also one of the co-ordinator of the Complaints Choir of Hong Kong. He was graduated from the School of Journalism and Communication, Chinese University of Hong Kong (2006) and finished his MA Visual Culture Studies programme, in the Chinese University of Hong Kong again (2009).

Complaint Song of Hong Kong – Youtube Karaoke
(2009/ 4:58 / colour /sound)

Hong Kong is being fingerpointed as a ‘City of Complaints’ since the early 2000s. Numerous public demonstrations take place every year, and very few of the demands have been properly addressed by the establishment. Grievances of the public were generally regarded as a Canton Pop Song here: categorized, easy to sing, and easy to forget. This is not a formal Hong Kong Complaints Choir Video, but as a Karaoke Version for the public to sing along. Singing Karaoke is one of the most popular activities among the Hongkongers, especially among the youngsters. In addition, general public are not allowed to sing in many ‘public spaces’ without permit. People who do so will be quickly questioned by the security, and may be summoned by court. Footages of this video were drawn from various Youtube clips uploaded by Hong Kong people. This video is available in Youtube, so everyone would search and sing with it. Similar to the arrangement of the Complaints Song of Hong Kong, it is a sewing-up of the existing local spectacles.