LEE Chun-fung & CHUNG Wai-ian 李俊峰 & 鍾惠恩

— Cycling to the Square (2010 / 5:19 / colour / sound)

LEE Chun-fung 李俊峰

Lee Chun Fung (b.1984) is an artist and curator based in Hong Kong. He graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Fine Arts Department in 2007. He is the core member of community/art space: Woofer Ten (2009-). As an artist and curator, he concerns about the linkage among people, as well as people and communities, hence the cities we lives, and how to live together between conflicts and difference. His practices range from different media and disciplines, from art action, video, photography, publishing, workshop and curating etc.

CHUNG Wai-ian 鍾惠恩

Chung Wai-ian received her BA from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2009. She works with sculpture, installation, public art and community art. She concerns the space, community, liberty in human living situation and explores the contradiction in daily culture.

Cycling to the Square
(2010 / 5:19 / colour / sound)

“Cycling to the square” is an art action in remembrance of the Beijing Tienanmen Democratic Movement in 1989. Starting the initiative in 2010, every year on June 4th we call for an action to go to Victoria park by cycling and ask participants to dress like the students at that time so as to restore Beijing’s disappearing cityscape as if 23 years before. The route starts from Yau Ma Tei and passes through a few checkpoints related to the local history of the Incident. The final destination is the candlelight vigil at the Victoria Park.” The Democratic Movement is not yet vindicated, while Hong Kong is the only place in the territory where people can publicly commemorate the event.