CHAN Chui-hing, Nose 陳序慶

— Lowest to Lower (1999 / 1:00 / colour / sound)

CHAN Chui-hing, Nose 陳序慶

CHAN Chiu-hing Nose was born in Hong Kong and graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a degree in Biology.He began making video in 1998, and regularly screens his work locally and abroad. In 2000, he won the Distinguished Award in The 6th Hong Kong Independent short Film and Video Award with his piece, Well. In 2003, he participated in the 1st Berlinale Talent Campus in The Berlin International film Festival. Chan also participates in independent film productions.

Lowest to Lower
(1999 / 1:00 / colour / sound)

Tracks symbolize civilization. Let’s experience this extraordinary track in a minute for the hundred years of colonization.