Mikhail Karikis & Uriel Orlow

— Sounds from Beneath (2010-11 / 6:41 / colour / sound)

Mikhail Karikis

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Uriel Orlow

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Sounds from Beneath
(2010-11 / 6:41 / colour / sound)

Sounds from Beneath centers around a sound work for which Mikhail Karikis invited an ex-miners’ choir to recall and sing the subterranean sounds of a working coal mine. Created in collaboration with Uriel Orlow, the video depicts a desolate colliery brought back to life through song. It transforms into an amphitheatre resonating sounds of explosions, machines cutting the coal-face and shovels scratching the earth, all sung by Snowdown Colliery Welfare Male Voice Choir grouping in formations reminiscent of picket lines. This project continues Karikis’s exploration of the sculptural and political dimensions of the voice, and connects with Orlow’s interest in landscape as a site of memory and history.