Doreen Chan


Doreen CHAN

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Doreen, Wing Yan Chan was born in 1987 in Hong Kong. Originally trained in Visual Communication, her creative outlet brought her to UK, where she joined East Street Arts and held an artist studio in 2010. She currently lives in Hong Kong.

Chan’s daily life is her main interest and inspiration of her creations. Working with images, videos and installations, she draws from various subjects that relate the intricacies of her identity to the surrounding environment. She believes “Images are just materials for my creations”.

She was invited to hold her first solo exhibition 25.9 at Lianzhou Foto Festival 2013 and exhibit her works in various exhibitions in Beijing, Gwangju and Hong Kong . Her work has been selected as one of the 2015 Three Shadows Photography Award Finalists.

在 地 橙 (2016, 3’43”)

有關藝術的故事 有關鮮橙的故事

於2014,英國泰特現代藝術館(Tate Modern)花30,000英鎊(35.3萬港元),向藝術家魯洛夫‧洛(Roelof Louw)購買一件由5800顆鮮橙組成的另類裝置藝術品《靈魂之城》(Soul City (Pyramid of Oranges) 1967),惹來外界爭議。作品旨在「就時間流逝及腐敗提出問題」,鼓勵民眾在參觀期間把作品吃掉,藝術館是接受政府資助,質疑此舉浪費公帑。