Tiffany Fung

Tiffany FUNG

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Tiffany Fung is a Hong Kong artist and cultural worker currently based in New York. Through moving images, mixed media installations and participatory projects, her work seeks to decipher personal and collective cultural identities in relation to contemporary socio-political issues, particularly regarding her home city in hopes to form solidarity. She is also the co-founder of Distill HK [ 川 ], an international collective of Hong Kong artists local and abroad.

H_CNY: Happy Chinese New Year! (2016, 1’56”)

《H_CNY: Happy Chinese New Year!》是一套紀錄時間和空間錯位的影片。在中國農曆新年的第一天,紐約唐人街的慶祝活動恰逢香港所爆發的暴力衝突。示威者抗議政府鎮壓傳統小販,最後演變成暴動和混亂。融合個人和新聞片段,影片於平行時空燃燒聲音和移動圖像,層疊了藝術家主觀的矛盾,及結構與個人暴力使用之間的模糊。在干擾之下如何保留、掩飾或誇大能見度?跨越時間和距離中,所餘留和消失的是什麼?

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