Doreen Etzler

Dorotea ETZLER

Dorotea Etzler (English name Doreen) is a conceptual artist based in Berlin, Germany. As VJane lazyliu she interacts with the smart phone to create artistic imagery. Her work investigates the media by means of glitch art and visual noise. Her background is in architecture and video. From 1998 to 2000 she lived in Hong Kong and became part of the Oil Street Artist Village.

Film2 HK1995 (1997, 5’35”)

This video is the very second piece that I have produced for the Nature Cut concept, that originally dates back to the analogue editing period of 1997.
Removal of all scenes showing people reduces each film from the original length, usually ninety minutes, to between roughly two and seven minutes. Films of that era had a comparatively slow tempo. The Nature Cut reduction accelerates these films to a rhythm in keeping with current times.
15 years later I have revived the concept and – due to digital editing – produced another 60 videos, that follow the same principle.