Forever Tarkovsky Club & Gregor SAMSA

Forever Tarkovsky Club was a film club formed by a few indie band players. From the very first beginning, they watched films by Andrei Tarkovsky, so they named the film club as Forever Tarkovsky Club. It started to evolve then — the members sometimes have a feast, write poems and play guitar…And the most enjoyable events of all are, for one, Ah-P from My Little Airport recites a series of poems he wrote for whores, and the other namely, Ho Shan plays the experimental guitar noise he secretly holds up for years. With the rally from the other members, they teamed up the new band Forever Tarkovsky Club, which aims to create some inventive and catchy album for underground parties.

X-mas Half-Nude Party 
(2009 / 2:31 / colour / sound)

The “Christmas Half-Nude Party” was intended to be the debut concert of the local indie group, “Forever Tarkovsky Club”. Publicity for the event was augmented by a photo that was “too edgy”. The gig was cancelled under moral pressure from media and law enforcement. On December 28, 2008, the band debuted at Kubrick, a bookstore in Yau Ma Tei. The concert was renamed, in all sober seriousness and straitlaced propriety, the “Healthy Moral Christmas Party”. And the duo debuted a new original tune, “The Misadventure in Wan Chai Police Station”.