DDED, founded by Albert Leung in 2014, a team of original net animation (ONA), most of animation we make are based on the hottest topics from the society.

Anti-riot Citizens vs Brutal Police(2014, 21s, Flash, Premiere)

September 28th

Location: Admiralty

Anti-riot Citizens vs Brutal Police

Civilians Equipment: Umbrella, Surgical Mask, Plastic Wrap

Police Equipment: Pepper Spray, Tear Gas Grenade, Rubber Bullet, AR-15 Semi-Auto Rifle

The Battle: 87 tear gas grenades were used against the protesters in one night by police force, civilians including students were aimed and threatened by loaded shotguns.

Students responded by yelling “shame on you! shame on you! shame on you!”.

Result: Students did not back down, the protest became 「Umbrella Movement」.

That night, Hong Kong lost, but i see a victory of conscience.