Jo Law works with divergent media to develop a materialist aesthetic engagement with everyday experiences. Her screenworks have recently exhibited in international programs including ‘No Trans-national–Liquid Borders and Empty Promises’ at the ISE Cultural Foundation, New York, (2012) and ’60-minute Cinema–Hong Kong: our home town’ in Manchester, UK (2012). Her works have won awards including the Silver Spire Award in New Vision at the San Francisco International Film Festival and Distinguished Award in the Hong Kong Independent Film and Video Awards. They have been collected by SBS Television, Australia, and Videotage, Hong Kong. She was the Australia Council’s artist-in-residence in Tokyo in 2008 where she produced the Autumn Almanac of Tokyo ( Her current projects include ‘Sixty Second Thoughts’ ( with Ali Jane Smith and ‘Slowing Down Time’ ( with Sue Healy, Louise Curham, and Michele Elliot, and ‘A World of Things’ with Redmond Bridgeman. Jo teaches at the University of Wollongong.

Read Only Memory (1999, 5m10s, DVC)

I heard a boy say that he wants to record a shooting star on videotape, so that he could make a wish whenever he wants Elvis on TV again. Seemingly, comfort can only be found in late night television. The after-image of memory survives only as these.