LAW Yuk Mui

Law Yuk-mui graduated from the Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is the editor and researcher of The Library by soundpocket. In 2014, Law was awarded grant from ADC (Hong Kong arts development council) for having internship at curatorial department of Mori Art Museum in Tokyo. In 2010, Law was exiled by herself to Beijing and worked as editor for the magazines Art in China and Art & Investment. As an artist, her works were extensively exhibited in Asia, including “[en]counters:Is there love in this air?” Mumbai, India(2014), “Here are the years that walk between” special commission video project by Hong Kong Sinfonietta (2013), “The 2nd Beijing International Film Festival” (2012), “The Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film and Video Festival”(2011), “The 16th  Hong Kong Independent Short Film & Video Awards”(2010), “Inter-city: Art in Busan” South Korea (2009). Her prose “migration, insomnia, dreams” is included in Pocket2: Say Listen .

445 (2014, 4m55s, FULL HD)

445 is a play script I wrote during my sojourn in Beijing at the Beijing Jile Youth Hostel. It is a play about the sex industry in the Tuofangying area. When I was sorting out my hard disk later in 2014, I ran into the script I wrote in 2011, but could not locate the original video I shot at that time.

So I requested a friend from Hong Kong who was living in Beijing at that moment to shoot a video according to the script in one long take. I also used Wechat to contact three other friends of mine who were from the mainland – I call them J, P, and F – and asked them to recite a few lines with the recording function in Wechat. The lines were taken from our chats back in the days when I was in Beijing.

F: You haven’t whored, what the hell can you write?

J: This kind of things were common in our school (Sichuan Fine Arts Institute) back then. Our school is situated at the juncture of wealthy and poor districts, we know they [the sex workers] are called “boxed-lunch hooker.”

F: Clients this early, huh?

P: Yea! People wanna have sex when they wake up in the morning rather than at night

The wechat happened when J was in Kunming, P and F on Mount Fuji, and I in Hong Kong.