Linda LAI

LAI Chiu-han Linda is a Ph.D. in Cinema Studies (NYU), currently Associate Professor at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, and Leader of the Critical Intermedia Studies Expertise Group. She is a Hong Kong-based interdisciplinary artist and curator, and founded the new media art group The Writing Machine Collective in 2004. Her works have a strong concern for language and narrativity, grounded in a feminist sensibility that integrates critical theory, film theories and visual ethnography.

Doors Medley (2014, 7m, PAL)

A game of montage art, Doors Medley is a re-mix of two existing work of mine – Door Game(2005, 26m) and Door Games Window Frames (2012, 11m30s), which explores visual mannerisms and formulaic structures of film melodrama of the 1960s in Hong Kong. Doors Medley highlights specifically gender paradigms embedded in popular culture. From anthropology’s viewpoint, we have created drama and we also reenacted the drama we create. Popular cultural texts fine-tune specific course of events with narrative logic, which we fervently imitate to act out our daily roles. Isolated narrative fragments, as they are subject to free combination, reveal their hidden predispositions.