Jennifer CHAN

Jennifer Chan is an artist and researcher who makes kitschy remix videos as a form of social commentary on art and gender after the Internet. She has had solo screenings include the Nightingale Cinema (Chicago), Videofag (Toronto), and Marshall McLuhan Salon in the Embassy of Canada in Berlin for Transmediale 2013. Her curatorial projects have appeared at Conversations At The Edge, XPACE, Trinity Square Video, VTape, and InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Center. Chan’s writing on the histories and trends of Internet art have been published on West Space Journal, Rhizome, Networked_Performance, Art F City, Pool, and Junk Jet. She grew up in Hong Kong and currently works between Toronto and Chicago, where she teaches media arts practices at School of Art Institute Chicago.

Boyfriend (2014, 6’28″)

Boyfriend combines YouTube-captured webcam videos with images of dominant East Asian masculinity. Headlined by a Mandarin cover of Justin Bieber’s pop hit “Boyfriend”, K-pop boy, J-pop boy bands, Mandopop stars, Taiwanese stars, and Canto-pop icons, are recut against confessional Asian American “dudes” who discuss the superficial aspects of performing the archetypal romantic straight male partner in Asian culture.