Tiffany FUNG

Tiffany Fung is a Hong Kong artist and cultural worker currently based in New York. Through moving images, mixed media installations and participatory projects, her work seeks to decipher personal and collective cultural identities in relation to contemporary socio-political issues, particularly regarding her home city in hopes to form solidarity. She is also the co-founder of Distill HK [ 川 ], an international collective of Hong Kong artists local and abroad.

H_CNY: Happy Chinese New Year! (2016, 1’56”)

< H_CNY: Happy Chinese New Year! > is a documentation of temporal and spatial dislocation. On the first day of Chinese New Year (CNY), celebrations in Chinatown, New York (CNY), coincided with an outbreak of violence in Hong Kong (H). Protests against the government’s crackdown on traditional food hawkers turned into riot and chaos. Fusing personal and news footages, the piece is a combustion of sounds and moving images in parallel spaces, layering contradictions of the artist’s subject position as well as the obscured use of structural and individual violence. How is visibility retained, disguised, or hyperbolized under interference? What appears and disappears across time and distance?

Premiere at Festival Miden, Greece.