Born in Guizhou, China, Wang Yue studied filmmaking and creative media in Hong Kong and Bristol, later obtained an MA in animation at Central Saint Martins, London. She has produced works across film and animation that were shown and awarded at the ICA (London), Whitechapel Gallery (London), Conflux exhibition (London),Locomoción Festival (Mexico City) and more. She has also collaborated with choreographers and composers for contemporary performances at events including Resolution Dance Festival, The Barbican Curious Festival and Bristol International Festival. Her interest lies in the unfolding of time and sound through photographic images, as well as handmade materials.

Lepus (4’58”)

Lepus is a paper stop motion, as a study on hare mythology and the lasting tradition of myth making. Hares have been primeval symbols of desire, illogic, worship, purity and more in corners of the world, revealing a spectrum of moral codes and psyche. Though a seeming anachronism, mythology in its new forms still pervades modern politics and media.

The performer’s presence with the hare considers the human embodiment of the hare symbols, while the paper cut-outs are a means to dissect movement and to realign time.