Zoran Poposki (PhD Cultural Studies, MFA New Media) is a transdisciplinary artist, art educator, and researcher. He explores cultural translation, liminality, identity, and public space through printmaking, painting, drawing, photography, performance, video, and publishing.
His work has been shown in more than 60 exhibitions, screenings and festivals in USA, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Russia, South Korea, and China. His public art project have been presented on urban LED screens, video billboards, posters and billboards in NYC, Skopje, Dublin, Hong Kong, etc.
Artist residencies include: SVA School of Visual Arts (New York), Wooloo (Berlin), PNCA Pacific Northwest College of Art (Portland, OR), VSC Vermont Studio Center, etc.
Poposki is winner of the CEC Artslink Award (NYC) and VSC Artist Grant.

Portrait of the artist as a cultural worker (2010, 19’47″)

Straight from artist Zoran Poposki’s living room, and co-produced by curator Goran Gjorgievski, comes the latest performance in urban public space in Skopje, entitled “Portrait of the Artist as a Cultural Worker”.
In this performative triptych (composed of the performances “Thesis”, “Sweet Movie”, and “Working Class Hero”), Poposki reflects on his artistic practice focused on public space as a place for representation and discursive action.