Joey Holder is a London-based artist.
MFA Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, 2010
BA Hons Fine Art, Kingston University, 1998

Selachimorpha (2017) 5’10”

‘Selachimorpha’ contains a clip from the film ‘Jaws’ where a shooting star can beclearly seen in the sky behind the hero Roy Scheider. Certain internet commentaryhas suggested that this is a UFO, as it can’t be easily explained due to the large redtrajectory that appears in a trail behind it.The sighting of it in this particular film is of some poignancy. Like space, the ocean isa largely unexplored territory, and therefore a rich breeding ground for myths andconspiracies. Mistakes about marine life have ranged from inaccurate assumptionsabout the behaviour of known species to fanciful depictions of animals that “might”exist.
Morphing between factual and fictional creatures, symbols and memes the filmreflects on our continual shifting belief systems.