Exhibition – Bad Bodies

Curated by Hong Kong-based curator Nick Yu, the exhibition at artspace Tomorrow Maybe takes inspiration from and gives interpretation of the theme “Queer”. Video artworks from  Eisa Jocson, Isaac Chong Wai, Ip Wai Lung, Mary Maggic, Rob Crosse and Samak Kosem are selected under the theme “Bad Bodies”. “Bad” shall not be interpreted as of poor quality here, but of the non-conformist that resists the society’s normalisation of body image. The exhibition will showcase how queer people overthrow narrow understandings of gender identity and regain their autonomy fearlessly with their idea of bad bodies.

Date & Time: 13/5-30/6/2019, 11:00AM-9:00PM

Venue: Tomorrow Maybe, 4/F Eaton HK


Isaac Chong Wai  – Equilibrium No.6 – Distance  

Rob Crosse –  Prime Time

Ip Wai Lung – Qingdao Lotus Pond   

Eisa Jocson – Princess Studies

Samak Kosem – Neverland  

Mary Maggic – Housewives Making Drugs & Molecular Queering Agency