Talk: Transgressive Bodies & Publication Showcase

Body is Noun; Body is Verb. Body is Object; Body is Subject. Body is Being; Body is Becoming. Body is Physical; Body is Metaphysical. Body is Sensibility; Body is Sense. Body is Empirical; Body is Normative. Body is Private; Body is Public. Body is Personal; Body is Political. Body is Conservative; Body is Revolutionary. Body is Disciplined, Body is Autonomous. Body is Naked; Body is Dressed. Body is Natural; Body is Artificial. Body is not binary or dualistic, but in a fluid and mobile state, always in transition and transformation.

Transgressive Bodies invites three young creative minds engaging in different aspects of artistic creation to share their creative experiences of queer bodies in conversation at Eaton Radio. They are Nicholas Wong, an acclaimed poet and the winner of the prestigious Lambda Literary Award for Gay Poetry, Jun Li, an emerging film director whose debut feature, Tracey is centred on the life of a transgendered woman, and Castiel Wong, an activist/performance artist who has once been arrested for his performance art in Pride Parade. The speakers will have a discussion about using art as a form of transgression of the boundaries and frontiers among body, gender and sex, the talk will be moderated by Kobe Ko, a curator and writer focusing on gender studies.

Talk Date & Time: 1/6/2019, 5:00PM
Eaton Radio Website:
Facebook: @eatonworkshop

A  selection of magazines, books, media art brochures and leaflets from the library of Videotage Media Art Collection (VMAC) that show the evolution of LGBTQ movements and community will be presented at Colony Kids on G/F Eaton HK. Spanning across many years, the selection of publications will showcase the path walked by generations of the LGBTQ community.

Publication Showcase Period: 13/5-30/6/2019

Venue: Eaton Radio, LG & Colony Kids, G/F Eaton HK