Screening & Showcase

Isaac Leung from Videotage and Jamie Wyld from videoclub have selected a series of video artwork from the UK, Hong Kong and China under the theme “Queer”. The line-up includes one of the most important local video artists Anson Mak, internationally acclaimed media artist Ming Wong, the winner of the Turner Prize of Tate Modern in 2018 Charlotte Prodger, and some of the very talented artists from the region and the UK. The screening aims to explore aspects of LGBTQ life and reflect upon the power dynamics between queerness and contemporary society. The screening will be held at Eaton HK’s cinema Kino and the artworks will be also showcased in the thematic exhibition at the lobby at Eaton HK.

The selection includes the following video artworks:

Films from Hong Kong, Mainland China & Singapore

Anson Mak – Differences Do Matter (1998)

Ming Wong – Teach German with Petra Von Kant (2007)

Fan Popo – The Drum Tower (2018)

Siu-man Wu – A Glass of Water (2019)

Films from the UK

Charlotte Prodger – Handclap/Punchhole (2011)

Jay Bernard – Something Said (2017)

Matt Lambert – God is Watching (2017)

Lucie Rachel – Where We Are Now (2016)

Rob Crosse – Dear Samuel (2019)


Date & Time: 24/5/2019, 8:00-10:00PM

Venue: Kino@Eaton House, 1/F Eaton HK


Date & Time: 13/5-30/6/2019Venue: Lobby, G/F Eaton HK