Born in 1998, Quanzhou
Now in Hangzhou
Graduated in 2020, Environmental Design Bachelor Degree
Independent 3D visual artist

“On the Node of Wild Grass, a RPAG World since 2020”, Hangzhou, 2020
“The Post-Impressions of the West Lake”, Hangzhou, 2020
“Fart Like Future”, Hangzhou, 2019
NOTHINGNESS, Shenzhen, 2019
New Babylon, Hongkong, 2019

Participated in the plan for the 2nd Anniversary of Martin Goya Business “A STILL LIFE FULL OF HOPE” and “WATER MOM IS COOKING” for Xiangshan Art Commune
Made 3D visual for the short films of BAAZAR Art and DAZED KOREA

Inspired by her curiosity and continuous exploration to the unknown, try to use multiple dimensions to construct and express the virtual world in mind.
Like the tentacles of the cyber jellyfish that she had created, her work extends without limitation, including music, visual art…
Taking the AGN galaxy as the carrier, her ideas realize the interact with real space to prevent being devoured by digital and the miniature black holes in real life.

Memes 2020, 2020, 03’18”

Memes 2020 is a work CATTIN made during the pandemic, in which she applied a post-internet approach to creating a metaphor for this pandemic situation where human beings are captivated to confined spaces. Large transparent blue tubes, like the blood vessels inside the human body, are connected and intertwined. These giant ties appear frequently in CATTIN’s work like the branches of trees. Just as we construct the world while being entangled by the construction, in CATTIN’s work, there is a sense of black humor. Beneath the glacier, the ocean hosts countless comfortable beds, where the pigs staying on these hospital beds mechanically repeat a few movements, surrounded by countless computer screens.