Clifford Sage

Clifford Sage is a CGI moving image artist based in London. Often working with animation and virtual world building, Sage explores audio interaction and non-linear storytelling through game engines. Since graduating in Visual Communications from the Royal College of Art in 2010, Sage has collaborated and worked with many artists over the years, recently with Iain Ball, Lawrence Lek, Lee Gamble, Sidsel Hansen, Candice Lin, and has appeared on the cover of Wire magazine as part of Quantum Natives. Recent projects include Tuner, which has been exhibited and performed at Somerset House Studios, London (2018), Club Adriatico, Ravenna, IT (2018) and LEV Festival, ES (2019).

Buddha Geometry Brain Toy, 2017, 5’44”

In the video Buddha Geometry Brain Toy (ProDance®’s name for the system he’s in) we get see ProDance® navigate a small array of passages in a vast wasteland only to be accompanied by his long lost fear the Xenomorth it self. But instead of running from it, he’s trying to follow an act of trying to confront his fear. The planet he’s on is riddled with abundance of dimensional tools. Constructed by different lifeforms, here we have a Human teleportation centre rudimentary created by a past human race. A system that allows one to fully teleport beyond the speed of light, in doing so it acts as a save and formatting device of the body and soul. The operation of the ‘machine’ is a two being procedure, in this case with a Xenomorth. During arrival at the complex your own worst fears fabricate before you but only to act as a guide and a strengthening tool to set up your psyche before departure.

The recsund ProDance® is an Audiovisual Project combining many functionalities into one. It has been the visual basis of the Quantum Natives’ release Intellectual Reject series and acts as a moving image medium across live visuals, game play mechanics, storytelling and Virtual Reality ventures.