Astrid Feringa and Jean Baptiste Castel

Astrid Feringa is an artistic researcher and filmmaker based in-between Arnhem (NL) and Reykjavik (IS). Through her work, she mainly investigates the ways in which structural design of online platforms, digital technologies and mechanisms of distribution and documentation are used to create and reenforce social-political power structures. Additionally, she also works as a lecturer at ArtEZ University of the Arts (NL) 

Jean-Baptiste Castel is a multidisciplinary designer born and raised in France, based in Amsterdam. He explores the use of software in contemporary culture by making short videos and animations. His work investigates themes such as illusion, time, materiality, perspective, and infinity, bringing impossible spaces into material dimensions by means of computer-generated images (CGI).

This is not the Amazon, 2019, 4’56”

Is representation of nature through media and entertainment more real to us than nature itself? “This is not the Amazon” is a video essay that investigates how the concept of wilderness is constructed through different perspectives and economies, simulated over and over again into a simulacrum — an image that may never have existed in the first place.