Danni Zheng

Danni Zheng (b. 1997, Liaoning, China) is a new media artist with a spatial design background, currently based in London. Her work recently explored the relationship between physical and virtual space through investigating the status quo and speculating the future in a digital way, such as through 3D animation, immersive experiences, live performances and creative coding. She has also collaborated with sound artists, engineers, composers, and illustrators during her artistic creation. Her works have been presented at Dyson Gallery (London), Menier Gallery (London) and Samsung KX (London).   

Mineral Wasteland, 2021, 6’18”

‘Mineral Wasteland’ focuses on negative impacts of technological development on the natural environment, and also depicts a post-human age wasteland in which digital entities will still exist on the earth but integrate with nature. It will carry the memory of consumerism, modernism and capitalism in the present Anthropocene.

Consumerism and planned obsolescence are prevalent in our high-speed society. At the end of 2020, human-made stuff outweighed all life on earth. Advances in technology are actually the consumption of natural resources, however, recycling activities are unable to keep pace with the growth of e-waste. From raw mineral mining, manufacturing, shipping and then to recycling, all processes generate toxic chemicals. They oxidise, corrode and cause acid rain. The cycle repeats itself and generates new chemical compounds, such as sulphur oxides and nitrogen oxides, and acid rain again. Finally, they will evaporate, forming the crystals and mineral wasteland.