Online Screening

Besides the physical screenings in Hong Kong and the UK in May and June, Both Sides Now VII is presenting online screenings for more audiences around the world.

Date: 15/4 – 21/4/2022


Price: FREE

Artists & Artworks

AL and AL – Hard Drive (A:), 2004
Alex May – A Kolkata, 2021
Astrid Feringa and Jean Baptiste Castel – This is not the Amazon, 2019
HU Rui – Soon It Will Be Deep Enough, 2019
JUAN Poyuan – It was just a virtual kiss, 2020 
Lawrence Lek – SoMA (Extract from AIDOL, 2019), 2019
LIN Tzu-Huan – Online Funeral Service I – Tamara, 2015
Danni Zheng – Mineral Wasteland, 2021