Tzu-Huan Lin is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York. An alumnus of the Pratt Institute, Lin’s art primarily focuses on narrative film and immersive installation, exploring different facets of art and issues about the digital age by working with issues that deal with various occurrences. Mythology, history, scientific theories, pseudo-documentary films, and experimental films are some contents dealt with in Lin’s artworks and also the approaches he employs. Through his interpretations of certain issues, he uses diverging narratives to dive into the themes being examined and to shape the artworks created. He also creates spatial installations to enhance the way the audience experiences his way of seeing the world.

Online Funeral Service I – Tamara, 2015, 10’01”

Online Funeral Service I- TAMARA: is a fiction story about remembering dead people in the digital era. Appropriate from Italo Calvino’s Invisible City, the plot took place on the Internet. The video begins with a man telling his abstract story. The narrator serves as a medium to channel different characters and stories. The narration travels through multiple imaginary cities, turning the inside to the outside, life to death, and narrative to non-narrative. Who is telling the story, a traveller, a bard, a king, or a soul trapped on the Internet? The truth is revealed as the story unfolds. 

Footages have been distorted and represented as a new meaning provoking the next cut. I explored the mass reproduction culture by providing these found footage of second life. Then an online funeral service becomes the agent to channel these dead souls(footages) into the online world again. Online funeral service is to dedicate your loved ones and keep them alive and trap them in a fixed form eternally.