LO Yin-shan

After graduating from the diploma of design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, LO Yin-shan has become a full-time feature reporter/editor, plus as a amateur artist/photographer. Living in Beijing since 2008, as a ‘teleporter’/columnist between two cities. Author of Driving Lantau: a whisper of an island; Ten Notes on Northern Drifting; editor of The Box Book: Beauty and the Beast of Hong Kong Culture.

Meditating at the central point of the Kingdom 
(2013 / 5:00 / colour / sound)

Wandering along the median axis of Peking, from north to south, from the Sun to the Purple Star, the delicate body is disquieted by torrents of history among noises in the ruined labyrinth. The Chinese Sky has been the mirror of almighty powers cutting across orbits of time and space. Meditating the Forbidden City at the central point of Peking, the Celestial Emperor is waiting for changing colour of future firmament. Unto darkness, mind and thought disappears deep down the heart – Gate of Heavenly Peace.