P1nk Poodle

P1nk Poodle is a non-binary artist and filmmaker, at once new-born as of 2020 and at the same time bringing over a decade’s experience in the film industry. They work at the intersection of fiction and documentary/non-fiction, creating hybrid forms in mixed media, using moving image, AI art and 2D/3D animation.

As a queer, neurodivergent artist they foreground inclusive and collaborative approaches to creating work. Recent screenings include: London Short Film Festival, Fringe!, The Guardian, Scottish Queer International Film Festival, and videoclub’s Night Watch. As a filmmaker they’ve worked with Tate Modern, MoMA, Science Museum, and IWM Holocaust Galleries among others.


Queer Theory Saved My Life, 2023, 4’20

Queer Theory Saved My Life explores queerness in AI image models alongside NASA public domain footage. Typically, text-to-image AI image generation is done with visually descriptive keywords, but by inputting excerpts from queer theorists unexpected representations are created. Various cycles of feedback into the image generators, alongside other processing is used in a science fiction narrative of escape to Mars.