Fan Po Po

The Drum Tower, 2018, 17’52”

Drum Tower (Gulou) is located in the downtown of Beijing. It has witnessed the dramatically changing landscape of this city- the government seals up “Holes in Wall” (illegal construction including doors and windows in the wall that were added for business purposes), and a lot street stores, like boutiques, bars and restaurants, are vanquished.

Kacchan is a senior school student who wanders through hutong every day, escaping from classes. Once by accident, he meets a vintage shop owner in a public toilet and is fascinated by her, Miss Mi. The identity of being a transgender brings some inconvenience to Miss Mi’s life, at the same time her vintage shop is faced with being demolished. Kacchan sees her life in his eyes but can’t do anything to help, until the very day comes.

This film combines the theme of sexuality and urban changes in an artistic way. It is also the first film in China where all the leading performers are transgender. Moreover, one of them plays a cisgender role which makes this film unique worldwide!