Siu-man Wu

A Glass of  Water, 2019, 4’30”

Lost, But Need Not Be Found (Left)
I divide a glass of water into two. Considering my hand as a discrete object and a container, I transfer the water from a full glass into an empty one until the volume is even. In the splitting process, losses occur; water is dropped on the table and absorbed by my skin. The divided water thus cannot be combined into one again. The quality of the water is changed by my hand as it is mixed with skin cells and dust.

Stand Straight, Oh No (Middle)
A tilting glass of water displays a state of unstable stability. The water inside keeps a horizontal line even when the glass is in an inclined position. Therefore, it does not matter if the glass is stable or not, the water inside remains calm and steady.

Come On, You Know What I mean (Right)
To maintain the balance of this glass of water, the two people use a finger to hold each side of the glass while they are having a dialogue. In the conversation, their emotion changes according to the context and it can be reflected by their body language or their fingers on the glass.