AL and AL

AL and AL met in Derek Jarman’s Garden in Dungeness. They studied together at Central St Martins School of Art in London, where they pioneered their performance based computer-generated film making practise, before going on to exhibit their videos internationally in festivals, galleries, site-specific installations and screenings. Most recently, the duo have created the second chapter in their epic black hole space opera in collaboration with American composer Philip Glass and physicist Professor Brian Greene which has performed in 30 concert halls around the World. AL and AL are currently developing their debut feature film with the BFI and directing a £30m restoration of Haigh Hall, transforming the space into a national visitor destination for the arts.

Hard Drive (A:), 2004, 8’00”

《Hard Drive (A:)》模擬一段穿越萬維網的靜態旅程。在核戰之後,智人唯一遺留下來的東西只有雲端上的記憶,儲存在前核戰避難所中的硬碟裡。一部有感知能力的機器發現,百分之三十的網絡搜尋都是在找一些彼此褻玩的赤裸身體。在這個代碼空間裡,情色接觸肯定已變成了自慰的幻覺,而在人類的身體絕跡於地球之前,它被留存在一個由經過中介的面具所組成的精神宇宙裡。