Astrid Feringa and Jean Baptiste Castel

Astrid Feringa is an artistic researcher and filmmaker based in-between Arnhem (NL) and Reykjavik (IS). Through her work, she mainly investigates the ways in which structural design of online platforms, digital technologies and mechanisms of distribution and documentation are used to create and reenforce social-political power structures. Additionally, she also works as lecturer at ArtEZ University of the Arts (NL) 

This is not the Amazon, 2019, 4’56”

對我們來說,媒體和大眾娛樂所呈現的大自然,是否比大自然本身更顯得真實?《This is not the Amazon》是一篇錄像論文,探討荒野的概念是如何透過不同的觀點和經濟制度被構築出來,經過一次又一次的模擬,成為了擬象——一個可能從未存在過的影像。